Dual laser system with separate horizontal and vertical lasers for use together or individually. Self levels, senses and indicates out of level condition, locks when switched off. Allows left/right vertical beam adjustment without unit relocation. Beam customization settings for diverse application and lighting conditions. Easy field recalibration. Radio frequency remote allows for control of all functions. No direct line of sight required and obstructions are no problem. Specs: horizontal accuracy up to, plus or minus, 1/8" at 100', vertical accuracy plus or minus, 1/4" at 100', laser diode class IIIA 635 nm, greater than 5 mW, electronic self leveling, up to 6 degrees, mount threading is 5/8-11, range up to 1,000-ft, weighs 7.0 lbs. Includes: (1) RCR2 remote control/receiver, (1) tripod, (1) measuring rod, (4) d batteries, (1) 9v battery, (1) pair of laser glasses, (1) rod bracket, (1) wall mount, (1) magnetic target, (1) carrying case,

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  • Mfg Part Number: GRL300HVCK
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