Coleman Cable 05984 Replacement Yellow Vinyl NEMA 5-15P 15-Amp Cord End, Male Plug

Color: Yellow. For ordering, include Cat No. followed by the color code: W(white).

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Product Specifications
  • SKU: 28202207
  • Mfg Part Number: 4867-BOX
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 0.11 LB
Additional Information


  • Solid brass plug blades are firmly embedded in body
  • Terminal screw clamps are designed to contain wire and prevent binding
  • Terminal screws backed out-ready for wiring
  • Terminals in individual chambers to positively insulate conductors
  • Vinyl angle plugs have eight possible positions for maximum convenience
  • Combination slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease installation with power screwdrivers (Slot/Robertson screws in Canada where available