PC Products PC-Lumber Moldable Epoxy Putty, 1 oz. Stick, Tan

For emergency repairs in wood; fill nail and screw holes, gouges; and replace rotted and worn wood. Replace and reshape wood parts, restore ornate wood pieces and carvings; repair damaged furniture, moldings, doors, frames, and wood floors. Hand mixed with 15 minute working time. Cures in 60 minutes. May be sanded, stained or painted. Wood color blends with light colored wood. Nonconductive with -20 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 to 150 degrees Celsius) temperature range when cured. No sag, no drip. Resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, esters, aqueous salt solutions, halocarbons, and dilute acids and bases. 500 psi tensil/shear strength. Packed in resealable, airtight plastic cylinder.

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Product Specifications
  • SKU: 5498302557
  • Mfg Part Number: PC-LUMBER
  • Dimensions: 7.1x7.5x14.0
  • Weight: 0.49 LB
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